One year on…

“Go,” my doctor said. “Have a good time.” She must have known what was coming. She must have known this would be the last time I’d be able to travel and have that freedom that keeps my anxiety at bay. She must have known the exposure to this would heighten with each passing month. She must have known that this is what I would need to hold on to until the end of the pandemic times.

Looking forward. Running toward

Dear Reader,  It is a CRIME that I haven’t written on this blog one time this year.  It’s a crime that you haven’t heard from me and that I haven’t asked how you’re doing.  So I’m correcting all that now. How are you? Me? I’m like a puppy swimming for the first time — I’m … Continue reading Looking forward. Running toward

The separate identity I had for years

Dear Reader, I was taking a break on social media, as I do, when a Twitter friend who also happens to be a journalist wrote how hard it was to write when she'd been reporting all day. That tweet took me back to Wichita, Kansas and to Shreveport, Louisiana. Circa 2005 and 2008 respectively. These … Continue reading The separate identity I had for years

Even a broken clock is right twice a day…

Dear Reader, I'm doing something I haven't done in a long time. I'm taking a fiction writing class. This may sound a bit like trying to reinvent the wheel. Yes, I do have an entire master's degree in fiction writing. They why would I take a fiction writing class? Before I answer that question let … Continue reading Even a broken clock is right twice a day…

What I’ve learned about happiness so far

Dear Reader, I've been doing research for my next writing class -- the Happiness Practice. It's my most ambitious creative writing class yet! Not only am I creating prompts and the creative writing materials, I'm also based it on something that, I think, people want -- to be happy. I've been reading some materials lately. … Continue reading What I’ve learned about happiness so far

Getting jazzed about the podcast

Dear Reader, I am currently recording episodes for the second season of the Dear Reader podcast. I know that I have talked about the process of podcasting and how much work it is. But as I work on this season, and conduct the interview with the writers who will be on the show, I am … Continue reading Getting jazzed about the podcast

Build: How is my word of the year going so far?

Dear Reader, 2020. What a year. And it's only July. I'm expecting another Biblical event happening any day now. I mean, it IS hurricane season and what's to stop this crazy year from unleashing something we didn't expect? Like the Bubonic Plague. Yes, this year has been a dumpster fire for just about everyone, me … Continue reading Build: How is my word of the year going so far?

What’s so magical about magical realism?

Dear Reader, I am so excited about the summer. With all my academic work done until August, I have some time to work on some projects I've been neglecting for awhile. Of course that means my writing projects. Oh, my writing projects. How I have missed them! So, here's my latest project that I hope … Continue reading What’s so magical about magical realism?

It’s tougher this year than last

Dear Reader, I woke up today, July 4, conflicted. This year's celebration of independence is more difficult today than it was last year. I returned to last year's post and, indeed, it's worse. However, conventional thought and theory says I should hate this holiday at or more than the level of my rancor for Columbus … Continue reading It’s tougher this year than last