It’s tougher this year than last

Dear Reader, I woke up today, July 4, conflicted. This year's celebration of independence is more difficult today than it was last year. I returned to last year's post and, indeed, it's worse. However, conventional thought and theory says I should hate this holiday at or more than the level of my rancor for Columbus … Continue reading It’s tougher this year than last

Finding spots of joy

Dear Reader, It's been a rough couple of weeks. The pandemic seems like child's play compared to the continuous killing of black men and women. The burden of that. The action of that. The broadcasting of that. All of it wears on me like a stone. Between that and other things I finally broke down … Continue reading Finding spots of joy

Teaching online? Don’t panic. Seriously.

Dear Reader, For this morning's post, I am addressing it to my fellow academics. My fellow friends in arms who have suddenly been told they will have to take their class online. And they are in panic mode. So for them, I have thoughts and ideas. Also some advice. So Reader, all of you, if … Continue reading Teaching online? Don’t panic. Seriously.

Noir Week: Starting off with the sidekicks

Dear Reader, Welcome to Noir Week! I'm so excited to do a week of introspection on one of my favorite genres to read and to write. For this week, I'll write a post each day on an aspect of noir writing. All of this leads up to my online noir writing class through WriteSpace in … Continue reading Noir Week: Starting off with the sidekicks

Meeting your heroes: How not to fan girl when you meet Walter Mosley.

Dear Reader, I didn't read Devil in a Blue Dress until grad school but the first line still grabs me. "I was surprised to see a white man walk in to Joppy's bar." Good Lord, are you allowed to write that? See, up until then I understood the tenants of fiction to be that you … Continue reading Meeting your heroes: How not to fan girl when you meet Walter Mosley.

20 minutes.

Dear Reader, I wanted to recap something amazing that happened recently. I'm really bad at self promotion. Yes, it's such an ironic statement coming from a blogger and former journalist. I am getting better at it but I am very much a work in progress when it comes to promoting what I'm doing. So...this happened! … Continue reading 20 minutes.

Dear Goodreads: You’re missing out but I’m here to help.

Dear Goodreads, Usually I address the readers of this blog. In fact, that's the name of it, Dear Reader. But for this topic, I'm addressing you because, well, you need some help. So this week you have proclaimed it Mystery and Thriller Week. YES! We all could use more thrills in our lives. And as … Continue reading Dear Goodreads: You’re missing out but I’m here to help.

Death or a reclaiming: Danez Smith’s Don’t Call Us Dead

Dear Reader, It's National Poetry Month! This is an awesome month when we can read poetry, appreciate it, and learn from it. Well, actually, every month is poetry month in my world. So, I was actually reading two collection before poetry month and just finished one them in time for the celebrations. Danez Smith's collection, … Continue reading Death or a reclaiming: Danez Smith’s Don’t Call Us Dead

Watching black bodies move

Dear Reader, There is a saying that has circulated around social media and public discourse -- representation matters. And it does. Seeing yourself reflected back at you is affirming. It tells you, shows you, that you are not alone and that you are okay. After the turbulent 2017, I needed to see that. I needed a … Continue reading Watching black bodies move