From the front Lines of Quarantine from a Person with Anxiety

I just noticed that I've been in some kind of quarantine since AWP, more than 25 days ago. That's almost a full month.

That explains why anxiety is working hard against me.

I've had a couple of bouts with shortness of breath. So much so I was worried.

Then, of course, it goes away. My body reacting to stress.

What I am truly thankful for. You’d be surprised.

Dear Reader, I've thought about what I'd write in this blog post for several days. I was hesitant to write it. I didn't want to come off as insincere and trendy. Heaven forbid that a blogger and podcaster do something trendy! I didn't want to be #thankful or #grateful. But I am. All those hashtags. … Continue reading What I am truly thankful for. You’d be surprised.

Looking forward in gratitude

Earlier this month, I was lamenting the ending of this amazing summer. But looking back at my Instagram feed, I'm changing my tune for a bit. I am not lamenting the end of this summer, I am celebrating that it happened and that I grew as a result.


Dear Reader, It always starts with the skin on my forearms. In Spanish, the phrase is se me enchina la piel. It is a warning that soon my breath would catch. And when it does I am eager but I don't know why. I can't keep a thought in my head because they are marbles racing in my brain. They … Continue reading Triggers

How redemption continues even after death

  When I talk about my father and when I write stories about him, I chose my words carefully. His is a story of redemption. The success of that redemption depends on who you ask. My dad was Osiris Fernández y Ferrer. That was his full name according to his Cuban passport. I say that … Continue reading How redemption continues even after death

The Act of Patience in the New Normal

Dear Reader, The weeks after Harvey has been, let’s say, a crash course in patience. Patience in and with FEMA. Patience in myself and my own healing. Patience in the new normal. Patience. So much of it. And then, without warning, or maybe with some warning, my sister in Cuba dies. She dies after the … Continue reading The Act of Patience in the New Normal

The rain, the flood, the trauma

Dear Reader, I wasn't going to write, not anymore. I promised myself that this week. I was prepared to end my love affair with the writing life, not out of frustration but of trauma. My words, they failed me and the energy wasn't there to pursue them. Since Harvey sucker punched Houston, I wasn't interested in … Continue reading The rain, the flood, the trauma

Why do I love teaching writing?

Dear Reader, Someone recently posed a question to me. When you think about teaching creative writing, what does that mean? The answer was easy and came to me quickly. This is all about empowerment. Writing, especially creatively, is about being empowered and empowering others. This is why I love teaching writers. In my career, I've … Continue reading Why do I love teaching writing?