Growing backwards Dear Reader, This week's podcast we explored the word "retrograde". The inspiration came from the skies and a long-standing fear of a season of time. For those who believe that the way the stars and the heavens move impacts what happens on  Earth, we are in Mercury Retrograde. For those who know of it, … Continue reading Growing backwards

Fault vs Responsibility: Creating your story of forgiveness   Dear Reader, Sometimes when you search for answers the universe provides them. Hell, sometimes when you're not searching for answers the universe provides. Basically, the universe is so awesome it deposits and cashes in life's receipts. That happened today when a friend of mine posted this video. Will Smith, actor, producer, and life … Continue reading Fault vs Responsibility: Creating your story of forgiveness


Dear Reader, It always starts with the skin on my forearms. In Spanish, the phrase is se me enchina la piel. It is a warning that soon my breath would catch. And when it does I am eager but I don't know why. I can't keep a thought in my head because they are marbles racing in my brain. They … Continue reading Triggers

Anticipating Self Care or Be Ready to Open the Wound

  Dear Reader, I wasn't going to write about this experience for awhile since I'm still in the middle of the experience but my dumbness is listening to a podcast called Therapy for Black Girls and my thoughts and theories from the weekend have been solidified. Last weekend, I started day one of two of … Continue reading Anticipating Self Care or Be Ready to Open the Wound

Pencils vs Books

Dear Reader, Here's my semi-annual complaint about how I'm not writing and how wretched I feel. Blah. Here's the thing though, I don't feel wretch. And I have nothing to complain about. I've put some projects on hold for the time being -- two to be exact. Jennie Manning and my memoir. I had this … Continue reading Pencils vs Books

Watching black bodies move

Dear Reader, There is a saying that has circulated around social media and public discourse -- representation matters. And it does. Seeing yourself reflected back at you is affirming. It tells you, shows you, that you are not alone and that you are okay. After the turbulent 2017, I needed to see that. I needed a … Continue reading Watching black bodies move

Don’t call me brave. Call me chingona

Dear Reader, I've been thinking a lot about bravery recently, what it actually means and what it takes to be brave. This bravery thing seems like a simple thing to figure out but I'm not quite so sure. I've been called brave once. About a year ago. See, I did something that most people wish … Continue reading Don’t call me brave. Call me chingona