You can go home again

Dear Reader, This week was the first week of classes and I started teaching on a new campus, my old college. It has been a beyond surreal experience. The first day was filled with so many memories. The classroom I teach in is the same classroom I learned in. I ran into my first creative … Continue reading You can go home again

What an #AmtrakResidency looks like

This morning Twitter has been buzz about this thing called an Amtrak Residency. Obviously, my interest was piqued about this concept because how much do I love trains?  Open your arms wide. Really wide. Wider! That much. I love trains THAT MUCH. Especially for writing. So, the article that started this wonderful hashtag (#AmtrakResidency) says … Continue reading What an #AmtrakResidency looks like

Trying to live the dream

Folks, sometimes life throws you enough curve balls to question your sanity.  This here is one of them. I haven't really talked about a novel-in-progress called Lagniappe. If you remember, I took a trip to Saint Louis, MO last year to research part of it.   This story is about a 15 year-old black girl in … Continue reading Trying to live the dream

Researching your story: Taking a research trip for your writing

Have story? Will travel. And by traveling I mean getting on a train to St. Louis, Missouri to hang out for 12 hours and then coming right back. That's what I'm doing this weekend. This research trip was a long time over due. There's this story I've been working on since before February 2012. It's … Continue reading Researching your story: Taking a research trip for your writing

The most decadent cruise suites probably ever

I love cruising. Even after the incidents with a certain cruise line,  However, I've never seen cabins like this. Think two story cabins with cashmere walls, private decks, and libraries. LIBRARIES! How much are some of these cabins? Some go for as much as $4,000 a night. Good life if you can get it.  Check … Continue reading The most decadent cruise suites probably ever

5 spots to visit with your BFF

This is how my travel conversations start in my head. "I wonder how much a plane ticket costs to go..." The rest of that sentence can end with Timbuktu for all I care. The point of travel is to see and experience something new. That's the upside to having friends all over the U.S., you … Continue reading 5 spots to visit with your BFF

How to pack as light as possible

When by best friend told me her bags didn't arrive at her vacay destination at the same time she did, my first question was: "How many bags did you check?" I won't embarrass her by saying how many since she'll probably read this post BUT it was way too many with way too may clothes … Continue reading How to pack as light as possible