From the front Lines of Quarantine from a Person with Anxiety

I just noticed that I've been in some kind of quarantine since AWP, more than 25 days ago. That's almost a full month.

That explains why anxiety is working hard against me.

I've had a couple of bouts with shortness of breath. So much so I was worried.

Then, of course, it goes away. My body reacting to stress.

How’s your social isolation going?

Dear Reader, How's it going with your social isolation? Let me say this about me... I was made for this and this is both exciting and worrisome to someone with depression and anxiety. The exciting part is that I am so productive. I actually am re-learning thing this thing about myself. I like having several … Continue reading How’s your social isolation going?

Joe Ide’s IQ: Playing with time and character

Dear Reader, It's been a while since I've done a book review. There's been several reasons for this. 1.) Who has time to read for fun (sometimes me and sometimes not) 2.) And then who has time to write a review 3.) So many of my friends are writers and what if I don't like … Continue reading Joe Ide’s IQ: Playing with time and character

So…I actually did go to AWP. Let’s talk about that.

Dear Reader, With all this COVID-19 business, let's concentrate on something else. I went to AWP this year! Association of Writers and Writing Programs for you folks who didn't know. This year it was in San Antonio and while the virus scared half the conference, I decided to go. Also my doctor said it'd be … Continue reading So…I actually did go to AWP. Let’s talk about that.

Teaching online? Don’t panic. Seriously.

Dear Reader, For this morning's post, I am addressing it to my fellow academics. My fellow friends in arms who have suddenly been told they will have to take their class online. And they are in panic mode. So for them, I have thoughts and ideas. Also some advice. So Reader, all of you, if … Continue reading Teaching online? Don’t panic. Seriously.