Get ready for the Holiday Blog Tour 2013

Can you believe it's December 1? I can't. My mind still thinks its October and I'm surprise that I can't find candy corn in the stories. But the calendar, the weather, and the radio are all tell me the same thing, that it's nearly Christmas time and it's time to plan the big blog event. … Continue reading Get ready for the Holiday Blog Tour 2013

Too many social media sites? Depends.

I am overwhelmed and that's saying a lot. I've come to the point in my creative career that I need to align my social media efforts. This is difficult to explain really, but pretty much I played on social media back before everyone thought this was a fun thing to do to kill time. So, … Continue reading Too many social media sites? Depends.

3 things I learned at Latism

What a difference a year makes! This week, the group Latism (Latinos in Technology and Social Media) will have its annual conference in New York. I am filled with unspeakable rage sadness that I couldn't attend the festivities this year. I attended last year's event in Houston and let me tell you, this was an … Continue reading 3 things I learned at Latism

Blogger vs The Showdown

Recently, a couple of writers had a discussion on creating/building a website/blog on Facebook.  Where to build, who to go with, where to blog, what's the difference -- all of these questions came up.   Most of these writers are my friends and what they know about blogging could fill a shot glass.  (That's okay … Continue reading Blogger vs The Showdown