4 writing books you need to get NOW

Beginning writing students come to me with starts in their eyes. They want to be writers and are ready to work on craft and concept. They have this dream of going to their local bookstore and seeing their book on the shelves and that everyone is going to buy it. I have the same dream, … Continue reading 4 writing books you need to get NOW

The 10 books that changed my life…or something like that.

Let's all admit it. We all have seen this Facebook status: In your status list the 10 books that have more influenced you (or something like this). Yes, I was tagged and yes I responded but not in the way most people did. I instead wanted to write a blog post because, if you're going to … Continue reading The 10 books that changed my life…or something like that.

Every writer needs a community

This past weekend, I did something I haven't done in a long time. I went to a meeting of writers. Shreveport has a writing club and in all the years I've lived here, I've never once dropped by to even say hello. Last Saturday I did because I was done writing in a vacuum. And … Continue reading Every writer needs a community

On Assignment: Eva Piper

  I love talking to fellow writers. It's really a joy to talk to shop, it's probably the nerd in me. So when I saw on my Twitter account that Eva Piper would be making a stop in Shreveport, I obviously wanted to interview her. She's the author of A Walk Through the Dark: How … Continue reading On Assignment: Eva Piper