My name is Icess Fernandez Rojas and I adore telling a great story.

I was disappointed when I hardly saw my life, experiences with being a writer and a human reflected back at me.

So, I created Dear Reader, the blog and the podcast, to tell stories about the writing process, and life an Afro-Latina writer with anxiety and depression.

This website began in 2008 when the world was sweet and new. I was a newly minted adult, and moved away from my native Texas to places uncharted (at least by me).

And in that move in that far away city, I had my first panic attack thinking it was a heart attack.

From that moment, I.

His latest work is A Life Well-Lived, a selection of photos and stories of people across Nebraska highlighting their stories from the past 70 years. These are photographs and stories of those who might be forgotten in the rush of history.

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