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blog photoHi there! My name is Icess Fernandez Rojas and I’m a writer, teacher, blogger and proud Texan. For the past 12 years, I’ve worked as a journalist in newspapers in Texas, Kansas, and Louisiana.  I’ve published in USA Today, the Guardian, and Huffington Post.  (For more examples of my writing click here.)

Now, I do so many things including teaching, being the author of a mystery series and teaching others how to find their writing voice.

I love everything about stories -telling them and helping other people tell theirs. Stories can change the world by changing people. They give voice to the voiceless. The same power that can change government is the same that can sooth a child to sleep. As a result, I’ve dedicated my life to storytelling, whether it’s through fiction, non-fiction, or social media.

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I’ve taught everything from the basic English composition classes to creative writing to how to write articles and commentary.

Take some time to read the blog, or follow me on Twitter, or Facebook.

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