Dear Reader, It always starts with the skin on my forearms. In Spanish, the phrase is se me enchina la piel. It is a warning that soon my breath would catch. And when it does I am eager but I don't know why. I can't keep a thought in my head because they are marbles racing in my brain. They … Continue reading Triggers


Anticipating Self Care or Be Ready to Open the Wound

  Dear Reader, I wasn't going to write about this experience for awhile since I'm still in the middle of the experience but my dumbness is listening to a podcast called Therapy for Black Girls and my thoughts and theories from the weekend have been solidified. Last weekend, I started day one of two of … Continue reading Anticipating Self Care or Be Ready to Open the Wound

Pencils vs Books

Dear Reader, Here's my semi-annual complaint about how I'm not writing and how wretched I feel. Blah. Here's the thing though, I don't feel wretch. And I have nothing to complain about. I've put some projects on hold for the time being -- two to be exact. Jennie Manning and my memoir. I had this … Continue reading Pencils vs Books

Exit West: The Slow Migration Away

Dear Reader, A perk of my gig as a professor (there are lots) is the book haul. When the email went out for volunteers to read and discuss a book on my to be read list, I JUMPED at the chance. And it may be one of the best book decisions I've made Exit West … Continue reading Exit West: The Slow Migration Away

Watching black bodies move

Dear Reader, There is a saying that has circulated around social media and public discourse -- representation matters. And it does. Seeing yourself reflected back at you is affirming. It tells you, shows you, that you are not alone and that you are okay. After the turbulent 2017, I needed to see that. I needed a … Continue reading Watching black bodies move

Where to submit your writing in 2018

  Dear Reader, Lots of work to do already in 2018! I'm excited to get started but I'm already up against an obstacle. I go back to work next week! Not a lot of time to create but there are enough deadlines in the links below to keep me working beyond the start of the … Continue reading Where to submit your writing in 2018

2018 Writing Resolutions: Locked and Loaded

Dear Reader, There’s something about new years and resolutions that makes me happy. Ridiculously happy. More so than I need to be. While some look at the year and at the projects that didn’t get done and the opportunities missed, I look at the sum of the year and ask one question: why? Why did … Continue reading 2018 Writing Resolutions: Locked and Loaded

My words for 2018 are…

Dear Reader, Happy 2018! I am so excited to share with you guys my three words for 2018! Community Adventure Faith So just some history, this is something that I started doing in 2017 after talking to a friend. His help helped me realize that I needed some focus in my life. And whoa! what focus … Continue reading My words for 2018 are…

Deciding my guiding words for 2018

Dear Reader, I hope you had an amazing holiday season. In fact, I hope you had an amazing year. You didn't hear much from me this year. I've been creating and existing in silence and needed the break. I'm sure you needed it too. But now we are at the dawn of a new year … Continue reading Deciding my guiding words for 2018