Looking forward in gratitude

Earlier this month, I was lamenting the ending of this amazing summer. But looking back at my Instagram feed, I'm changing my tune for a bit. I am not lamenting the end of this summer, I am celebrating that it happened and that I grew as a result.

What does 4th of July actually mean?

Dear Reader, This Fourth of July is a difficult one to reconcile. I suspect that it is for most people. Everyday we have to redefine what it means to be an American, what the ideals are and what we stand or sit for. Everyday we are tested and not every day we pass. It’s been … Continue reading What does 4th of July actually mean?

“Newsworthy” in pictures

Dear Reader, Last Saturday, I attended my friend DEEP's book launch. Instead of just writing about it, I'll just share my pictures. A great time was had by all and I'm so excited for her . I can't wait to get into the book but it'll take me a while to read it (end of … Continue reading “Newsworthy” in pictures

Why I always buy my friends’ books

Dear Reader,  My friends D.E.E.P and Lupe Mendez are releasing their books within the next couple of weeks!  It’s an exciting time in my friend circle. So many of my friends are writers and so watching them go through the publishing process is fun, exciting, and also filled with lessons for when I go through … Continue reading Why I always buy my friends’ books

#AWP19 Bound: Ready for the madness

Note: YIKES! I was going through my drafts and realized I wrote this before AWP and didn’t post it! So here is my pre-AWP post. I’m drafting a new post and I promise that one will be up in a more timely fashion.    Dear Reader,  I’m writing from the silent morning of my home. … Continue reading #AWP19 Bound: Ready for the madness

The Nostalgia of Place

Dear Reader,  A couple of months back, I had the pleasure of listening to Marlon James read from his latest book “Black Leopard, Red Wolf“. Before his visit to Houston, I read the New Yorker article on him. The VERY long New Yorker article that just was so…LONG. OMG! What do people write mini-novels as … Continue reading The Nostalgia of Place

Writing about mental illness

Dear Reader, My memoir is kicking into high(er) gear since AWP a couple of weeks ago. I'm trying new things and relooking at things in a new light. I can say that it's opening up nicely. And by nicely, I mean that I'm tackling some writing and craft things I've been avoiding. Frankly, I didn't … Continue reading Writing about mental illness

#AWP19 Bound: Ready for the madness

Dear Reader,  I’m writing from the silent morning of my home. My suitcase is packed. My cute travel tote is ready and I have one comfortable clothes. I’m ready for travel, as ready as one can be.  Today, I’m traveling to #AWP19 or how regular non hashtag-y folks know it, Association of Writers and Writing … Continue reading #AWP19 Bound: Ready for the madness

Shame. What is it good for?

Dear Reader,  How powerful is shame? How powerful is the feeling that overcomes you when something you thought you handled has bubbled to the surface to remind you that, perhaps, you weren't okay with it to begin with?This week, for the first time in a very long time, I have felt shame. I didn't recognize … Continue reading Shame. What is it good for?