DMV woes

My critique group is awesome. I love them because they are so into writing like I am.
Any how, we do starters at the beginning of our weekly sessions. It gets us to write outside our zone but mostly gets us to shut up and settle down so that we can get some work done. Great job, Linda.

This was this week’s starter

Prompt: “You don’t have enough points, sir”
My work: “Come on! I’m only short one point!”
Malcolm pleaded with the woman behind the counter. Her bouffant bun sat on top of her head and her beady little eyes peered through her brown rimmed glasses.
“This is not a basketball game. Nor is it Weight Watchers. A 70 is needed. You will have to wait one month. Next!”
Her high pitched voice annoyed Malcolm’s ear drums as he shuffled toward the exit. He had to come to terms that his first visit to the Department of Motor Vehicles ended in failure.

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