I have a new member of my “list”.

Well, I have several lists that I use other than the obvious ones like grocery, to-do, goals, etc…

This list is of my favorite books ever. And I mean EVER. These are the books that when I read them stirred something deep in me and literally frighted me (not figuratively. I’m talking about I saw the book and I was spooked). Not surprisingly, it’s a two book list. Well, now three.

Junot Diaz‘s The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao joined the list when Belicia learned a lesson she couldn’t avoid. Brilliant, heart breaking, wincing pain for her.(Seriously, can’t tell you about it. Read the book.)

But since I’m not technically done yet I can’t induct this marvelous piece of literature to my list. (induction includes buying the best copy my ill gotten means will allow, placement in my personal library, and endless recommendations to the entire English and Spanish speaking worlds.)

So far, this book rocks. I could give a summary but my friend and fellow writer Johnny Diaz (not related but still wonderful in his own right. His second book is coming out soon.) did an outstanding job for The Boston Globe. I’ll give my full impressions on this book when I’m done. (Which reminds me. I need to beg the Wichita Library to let me keep this book for one more week. It’s due Wednesday.)

Note to self: I don’t know what muses Junot uses but I gotta get me some of them. Chico, cono!