Just call me superwoman. I am packing and editing not only the fourth draft of the book but a short story that’s due to an editor by May 1 and am working on an outline for book two.

Yeah I’m busy.

Editing is a … (female dog). After the workshop two weeks ago, I knew I was on the right track with the book. But after the Scene of the Crime conference, I got some additional mojo and now I can’t stop tinkering with it. Eventually, I’m going to have to stop it long enough to pack the living room but it’s whatever.

And the short story has thankfully already been written and edited. I just need to incorporate the edits into the document. But here’s the catch to this one. I’m not sure which story to send. Not sure which story my editor would like to include in the anthology.

And our course we have characters talking to me all the time and are MAJORLY unhappy with me right now because I haven’t been writing anything new about them. Once I get to Shreveport, I’ll have to plug in the computer and start plugging away to get them off my back. Seriously.

But not complaining though. No one said having two careers would be easy. It’s exciting to be in this position and worry about whether a character is snotty enough or how to rewrite a sentence to avoid the use of the annoying semi-colon. (what’s the point of that piece of punctuation anyway. Really? Two separate sentences!). I can do without all the packing and crazy turmoil in my apartment. My poor cat doesn’t understand that the boxes in the living room are not to play with.

Sigh. It’ll all be over soon.