It feels like I’ve been packing since the dawn of time. I’m very nearly done. Soon I will be on the way to Louisiana. But before I get there, just wanted to give an update.

Obviously, Project: Finding La Diva is on hold because, well, the books are in a box in my living room now. We will continue as soon as we are unpacked and happy and rested. But I know it’s working. How do I know? I’m remembering what I used to like and have figured out that what was cool then is cool now. Mysteries are cool. Writing them is a challenge but a fun one.

Could it be that I have found my genre? Probably. Case in point the second book is a mystery novel. Lingering from this past year’s NaNoWriMo, I wanted to try my hand at noir writing. Failed miserably but the result is half a mystery novel. And I kinda like it.

Our voice! She is returning, no? Well see what happens.