A Love Story

Love in the Time of Cholera is perhaps one of the greatest love stories ever told. Before Oprah choose it as a Book Club Book (I’m sure Garcia-Marquez shuddered) I read it. Feel in love with the idea of writing a love story.

I suspected that such a thing would be difficult. Afterall, love its self is a difficult concept to master. But I wanted to write one and thought long and hard on what that story would be.

Enter Caridad Henriquez Beltran, Alberto Beltran, and Nathan Fitzgerald. My latest and greatest characters. They are the triangle the full book two.

I don’t want to give out too many plot points but I will say that I wanted to write a book about love, on different levels, that was complex, and thoughtful. I wanted it to have layers. And I wanted it to be pure story.

It’s difficult. It’s kicking my butt. But I love the challenge. I’m taking it slow and working on it in a snail’s pace.
But since this blog is also about reading, I’m dusting off a book from the original list of Project: Finding La Diva.
This one:

Another love story. A long, LONG love story. Rereading this one will be fun.

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