by Icess Fernandez Rojas

We can fill the space between us with things we don’t say to each other
Like hello or good bye
Or the complex things like I love you or I need you

And it’s not that I don’t, cause I do… need you, that is
Like sand needs water, flowers need air, or a song needs a melody
Or can it be … the opposite of you needing me

We can fill the space with the voices of grace and gentility, or mute possibility
Or even trail off at the end of a sentence … quietly
As if we were here, in this space, abandoned by one another, with the things we don’t say to each other.

We can move around like orbs, in bubbles filled with clear emptiness
Floating through life against this temptress of emotional irrationality… that deserves to be, isolated for her provocation of the status quo.

I want more, you know?
More of you, you see?
To fill in the place blanketed the by space of…
Insecurity? Fear?

Love. Fill the space with love or lovemaking
Of moans and shouts of ecstasy and more sound than allowed legally
By multiple decibels

The kind of love making that shakes the foundation and makes the walls crumble
With intense vibrations of sensations and, uhm, combinations of positions and transitions not yet published for lovers on a mission of passion and unforgettable desire, which is what unforgettable requires.

The kind of love making that doesn’t make sense but feels so good that this space evaporates
And what’s between us is your space, my space, our space. That’s nothing really but a few centimeters with no room for formalities.

Not hello. But I love you.
Not good-bye. But I need you

No room for lies or pretending or even mentioning that there was a morning or night before.
To go room, to room, Door to door, place to place
To fill this space between us, with all the things we don’t say to each other.