I needed Root Beer. Absolutely in dire need of Root Beer. Didn’t want it from Wal Mart. Only Target would do.

So here I am, Root Beer in hand zooming for the Express lane and this woman with like ten things gets right in front of me. I had ONE thing and she had more. But whatever. I’m a patient woman.

Halloween costumes and food. That’s all she was purchasing. And just as she was about to pay with a check (People still have those?) she sneezes, not only on her credit card, which I don’t know why she would have that out when paying with a check, but on the machine used for credit cards! YUCK! Hija de su grand…

I had the person behind the counter run my card. And if she had some Clorox, I would have disinfected that area. Yeah, I’m one of those people now. The extra careful one that would have something run the machine rather than use the one that was sneezed or coughed on.

Flu and cold season is upon us people. Cover your mouths!