Rachel and I

I miss my Kansas folks. In particular the ones that kept me writing. See, you would think that as a journalist, with daily deadlines, would be able to keep on track with my writing schedule.

But alas, no. I have trouble like everyone else when it comes to finishing, starting writing.

Maybe because I do it everyday that I’m tried or maybe there’s no push.

In Kansas I had a group of people that pushed me. My old critique group that was constantly producing, therefore I had to produce. Now I’m wavering. Ugh!

Rachel, a member of said group, drove through on here way back to Kansas from Baton Rouge. I got to have lunch with her and her traveling campaigns. It was so much fun. I miss her and it was great to see her if only for an hour.

And of course the first thing she said was…”do you have something for me to read?”
See what I mean?