Something has changed within me

My eyes are tired most days. I don’t remember that last time I slept at a decent hour. My fingers know only how to type and move a mouse around.

These are the characteristics of a woman on a mission.

There is a fire inside of me that has people worried. Worried that I harvest that uncontrollable fire, that passion. And for years, I felt that someone one day will listen to me, give me my due, let me unleash this fire contained within.

I have good ideas. I can lead. But I have been told my ideas are not good. And then when someone else has the same ideas… you know how that story goes.

I have been dependent on an idealized dream of success.

But as my friend Elpheba (picture on top) says: It’s time to trust my instinct, close my eyes and leap.

I have this new resolve now that I have never had before. I want to figure out things, new things or paths, that I never considered before. Mostly because I have to change, and partly because I want to.

I’m going to finish my book. I’m going to drive to different places in Louisiana and take pictures. I want to learn to play the piano. I want to launch successful blogs. I want to have my own business.

I want to defy gravity.

That’s what a woman on a mission does. My mission is to come out of this economic crisis stronger than when I went in.

Here’s to gravity.

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