This post has been along time coming.

Not because we have elected our first president of color. Not because we as a nation have united. Nov. 4 is the catalyst I needed to make some changes.

Mostly, what to do about grad school , writing, and the like. When I thought about going to get my MFA, I was in a very bad place and needed to get out. This was a way to do it.

But now I’m in more familiar company so now the idea of going to grad school and being poor for two to three years no longer appeals to me.

Then I saw the above video. And I cried. Yes, I can.

The true reason to go back for the MFA…. I have something to say and it’s valuable. Someone, at one point of my journalism career, didn’t think my voice was valuable, that I didn’t have something to say. And most frustrating, that writing about Hispanics wasn’t something I should be doing.

No one tells me no. I’ll find a way to do it anyway.

On some level, that is what has driven me to make the best it can become. With seven voices of different colors, we can not be denied.

The pen is mightier than the sword. I believe that more than almost anything, but journalists, reporters, etc., don’t have a monopoly on ink. Especially since a handful of them should have 1) taken the damn buyout and left 2) are so unreasonable 3) have stopped caring about what the news is.

No one tells me no. As an author (future), I write stories about characters who usually don’t have voices — Latinas, Latinos, sensible men, etc. Where are THEY in the mainstream tapestry? I’m sure some would point to the maid, the construction worker, the butcher. I’m talking about the CEO, the mother, the teacher, the lawyer, doctor, writer, college student, recent grad, business owner. They apparently only have one skin color. Unfortunately, I use to live in a place where people with titles believed and preached that.

But here I am, with something to say, and doggoneit, I’m gonna say it. I’m gonna say it, and writing it, and blog it, until my hearts content and then I’ll wake up the next day and do it again.

I just need to step out on faith and do it. Faith is powerful. Faith will lead me through this. Faith gave us our new president. And a day of change is now upon.