10 things I will do when my book is finished and/or sells

I completely stole this idea from Gwen Zepeda’s blog who, by the way, has a great blog that everyone should check out. She also has her new book, Houston We Have A Problema out. Make plans to get the book. And if it isn’t readily available, the book freaks know what to do request, request, request.

Anywho this post is called the 10 things I will do when my book (the second one) is finished (or when the first one sells.)

10. Call everyone I know and tell them I’m done.

9. Send a copy over to my writers group in Kansas

8. Clean…everything

7. Not write anything for a month, even if it kills me

6. If the first book sells, send a copy to the people who were mean to me with an inscription: I did it anyway, like I said I would. Now eat it!

5. Take an honest to goodness, passport needed (probably) vacation to somewhere I’ve never been and where I possibly don’t know the language.

4. Buy my mom something.

3. Get a part time personal assistant who will do my errands for me.

2. Give a copy of sold book to my 8th grade, freshman, and senior English teachers because they believed in me. And then pimp that book like it’s going out of style.

1. Buy something “affordable” at Tiffanys. (Jewelry is my motivator.)

Now I just have to sit down and finish Boleros or sell the first one. As if I wasn’t doing that already.

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