Let me start by stating the obvious, I’m not chicana or xicana or tejana or nothing. I’m plain ole’ Latina (if Latina would be classified as plain). Cuban and Guatemalan decent with skin the cold of carmel, hair like wool, and a spirit like the color red, vibrant and lively.

Thankfully, I was raised in Houston, Tx were everyone is, of course of Mexican decent if not by blood or honor.

So when I heard my friend Tony and NP were bringing Sandra Cisneros to Houston April 1, I flipped. Literally flipped.

How do I describe this scribe in new verbiage? Everyone else has already classified her as a genius, a leader among Latina writers, sinfully good, etc.

I’m just gonna say this: 25 years after The House on Mango Street became part of the AMERICAN literary landscape, she is the reason for everyone else’s success.

Thank you.