Tickets, tickets, tickets

I LOVE going to a show. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

There is something about getting the ticket and just anticipating the event…I don’t know, I just love the entire process.

So on Friday I went to this:

Saw this musical with a sold out crowd at The Strand Theater here in Shreveport. My next show is this one.

The NKOTB reunion concert! Hells ya! I wanted to see them in sixth grade and was going to before my former BFF Angel pulled the rug under me. Let’s just say Angel she was NOT!

But now I get to see my boys, who are men now, in action. Got good seats and it’s the day before some time off. I’m ready. Bring on the Men from the The Block!

2 thoughts on “Tickets, tickets, tickets

  1. AHHHHHHH!!!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW JEALOUS I AM! Do you know that in my third-grade photo I am wearing NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK EARRINGS?!?!? Hee hee….My mother will never let me live that one down!


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