Starting point?

Okay, I didn’t take pictures at the concert because I didn’t want my camera to be taken up. Some sort of weird no camera rule was in effective but, ironically, not enforced. Didn’t realize that until I was already at the concert. (Thankfully a friend did have one and pictures exist. I’ll post some when she does.)

Can I say how MUCH I LOVE NKOTB. Just when you thought that your 12 year-old self was long dead and gone, she returns to remind you of who you really are.

Those that have followed Writing to Insanity since the beginning know that the point of this blog is to chronicle my journey to rediscovering myself–to go back to a place and time where I was truly my nerdy self and was happy. I aimed to do that by writing, and reading to save, nurture and grow whatever voice I had left.

In retrospect, the concert was about that, returning to the point in my life when New Kids were on the radio, I read all the time, and writing was a pleasure. During the concert, I was transported back to my old room. My little black, two speaker radio on my dresser. My mammoth poster of Joey Mac pinned on the wall and me, singing along into the hairspray can (back then I had KILLER bangs) , content with my life. And of course in LOVE with Joey since our favorite subject in school was English and we both sang. Of course there was the eery respect for Frank Sinatra and musicals. Told you I was nerdy.

And that’s okay, to be a nerd. It’s who I really am. I’m really an introvert, not a social butterfly contrary to popular belief. I learned how to be the belle of the ball. I’m a bibiloholic; I like books and really do consider them my friends. I like to write. I really, really do. I love music, most especially musicals and classical music. Hearing a choir sing brings tears to my eyes. “Hark, How the Bells” is my FAVORITE Christmas carol because its beautiful in three part female harmony. I like art and dress up to go to plays.

All of that is me. Just me. Finally, at the age of 31 I can say I’m okay with that. This is who I am.

Now, where to go from here?

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