Why would I do this to myself? I’m applying to go to grad school, in a topic that’s not going to garner me instant money or fame upon graduation. I’m about to spend THOUSANDS of dollars to read and write like a wreck loose (not that I don’t already). I’m about to be broke in a recession.

Why, dear God, am I punishing myself?

Because I know that this is what I want to do. Because my whole life I’ve been the safe person doing non-risky things so I can pay bills. Because I like to write and really want to make that a full time occupation–minus the weekend cops shifts or the ideas that need to be pulled of in one way or another. Because I envision a life for myself that’s different. Because at any given point there are enough stories in my head to make me explode. Because it makes me smile.

Because I have something to say.

Because I can.

How I wish THAT could be my application essay. Geez.