The fragment is my favorite thing. I know it’s wrong and really back grammar but I think used effectively, it’s wonderful.

I was critiquing a fellow writer’s chapter out of his novel this morning. We’re both part of an online critique group. One of the MANY discussions we have had is about the fragment. This particular writer wanted to know when are fragments effective and when they are not.

I suggest that using fragments effectively is art. You can’t use them all the time, and it can’t be just come random thought. But if the fragment continues the prose’s stream of consciousness, I say go for it. It’s about style and the prose. And even the writer’s style.

But sometimes, those fragments back fire on you. That’s why, I suspect, that grammar teachers ask people to avoid fragments. That rule has just stuck for years now, to my disappointment.

Fragments are awesome people, just be careful how you use them