Blog: My favorite things.

If Oprah can have them, darn it so can I!
Okay so I’ve taken some pictures of some of my favorite things. Here we go!

I have been feelin‘ this St. Ives product. It’s awesome. Oatmeal plus Shea butter equals soft smooth skin. I promise. Smells great and lathers wonderfully. I don’t usually endorse a product but I really like this.

Dear St. Ives Company — please make check payable to…

New sheets. And not just any new sheets but jersey sheets. It’s like a t-shirt for your mattress. I know, I know, Oprah called dibs on this one but really, Oprah is cuddling in some 10 million thread-count sheets that feel just like clouds. She’s moved past the jersey. Luckily I, nor my cat Diva have moved on. Here she is playing under them.

Don’t know why the claws are out in this one. Hum.

My comforter…well comforters in general. They are awesome things and are named appropriately, as modeled by Diva.

As finally my bed. My bed rocks. Spent all day Saturday in it. Will probably spend next Saturday in it again. Really if I could just live on it like an island, I’d be happy.

And all this means…
An entire weekend of procrastination which ended with the completion of my grad school essay. Have a productive week everybody!

4 thoughts on “Blog: My favorite things.

  1. Hi Iccess. My cat used to do the same thing: hide under my sheets when I was away from home. Whenever I came home, there would be a mound under the comforter and then I’d hear “Meeooww…” Why do cats do that?


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