In case you haven’t heard or if you’ve been living in a dark hole, all the Sex and the City actresses have signed on to make a second movie.
Pues, orta vez?
Yup, again. Not that I didn’t LOVE the series and ENJOYED the movie, but what’s left? I’m all for writers being geniuses and finding a way where there isn’t one but what more can be done here? Carrie married Big. Not sure if I’m really interested in knowing what else could happen with the other characters.
See, here’s the thing–when the series ended, there was unfinished business. The movie was like an old friend coming to visit and giving you the skinny on her life while the final chapter was being written.
Personally, I’m afraid of this movie’s release. I don’t want the image I have of my old friends tarnished.
But what do I know?