I’m trying to get into journaling, like REALLY get into it. But I already blog and write so do I really need to journal?

Anyway, I thought I would use one of the journaling questions I saw on this website. And since people don’t really know me, aside from my blog, myspace, facebook and twitter feeds (LOL), I thought I could answer this question here, as an exercise. At the very least, I hope it gives me a story idea or something

Question: When do I feel greatest happiness in my life?

Answer: This is easy. It’s small things, really. Big things too but small things make smile and just say, “Dear Lord, thank you. I’m so lucky.”

A good meal with good friends and good conversation. That is probably what heaven is like, I think–eating what you want and spending time with people you like. I enjoy that so much, it’s my one money sucking venture. Some people travel, or shop, or go to the movies all the time. I eat and hang out.

Some other things that make me happy: Gossip. Oh yes, so bad to say but at least I can admit it. Gossip about famous people. Juicy, juicy gossip.

My other happiness is watching Spanish soap operas or a season of my favorite TV show in one sitting, like over a weekend. LOVE IT! Mostly because it’s the writer in me who wants to be a better storyteller and scriptwriter. So I watch these things and study them because I want to write for them one day. I’d be cool, I think, to be in the writers room and talk plot all day. Exhausting yes, but fun.