Dear esteemed members of the hip hop community and lovers alike,

I am writing this letter to clear up some misunderstandings. It seems that there has been some confusion on the meaning and the spirit of hip hop, a genre of music held dear by millions of its fans.

You see, I was there when hip hop hit the air waves, when it was an after thought at the Grammys and when it was labeled as a fad. I supported it when it was attacked by non believer and stood by it when it twisted into dark, commercial territory. Hip hop and I are like best friends and we’ve been together a long time.

But I worry about it, where it’s going, its evolution, or rather, its de-evolution. Hip hop for me is air and for the past couple of years, I’ve been suffocating.

Here are my worries.

1) Little Wayne DOES NOT have to be on every song on the radio. I mean seriously, is he the only MC available? Granted he has his fans but I can’t ever understand what he’s saying and what I do manage to hear is unimpressive. Please change MCs immediately.

2) T Pain can’t sing nor can he rap. If he could we would know what the brother sounds like. As of now, he is liked to one of those electronic voice boxes, which is an insult to those who have to use the device. Now other artists are using that “technique”. Stop wasting studio time on non-sense an actually do something!

3.) Soulja Boy ain’t hip hop. Period. He’s marketed and package well, yes. But after that, he doesn’t say anything. Real hip hop says something about the world, and its realities no matter how harsh or not they are. After that damn Superman dance (if I were Marvel, I’d sue.) which I thought FOR SURE has one hit wonder writing all over it, what else is there. I don’t want to kiss you through the phone. You’re gross. Go away.

4.) Overall excellence and dropped faster than the stock market. I know we’re in a recession but would it be too much to ask for some quality. Where are my lines of originality, verse so sharp it cut deep, prose so tight it’s impenetrable. Where is it? I know where it’s not, on the radio, where it’s suppose to be. And I’m NOT a teen and will NOT shallow the garbage on the radio passing for hip hop. I’d rather not listen to anything at all than crap. Please step up your game.

These are only four things that are aggravating me about hip hop. There are more but, seriously, the thought of typing them all out is depressing. Please save hip hop. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.


Icess Fernandez Rojas