Havana, Cuba

I’m two short stories and a quick 750 word prompt away from returning to Los Boleros de Mi Padre, my second book.
I took a break from it to do other things. I find that by doing that I can come back fresh and while away, I worked on different techniques. I know it’s time to come back to a project when it starts to call to me. And it’s doing that right now.
I’ve had the privilege of working on a long short story (about 60 pages), some poetry, some prompts, and now a murder mystery short story.

Soon I’ll return to Caridad, Alberto, and Manolo and their world where the living in the past has become an artform.

Have to say, I find it exciting to go back and read what I’ve written and not cringe as bad as I thought. There is actually a chapter that I loved before and that I still love. Beginning needs work but not as bad as I thought.

I love being a writer.