Finally a writing post about writing. Duh!

Maybe it’s because the writing has leveled off in the past couple of weeks. Or maybe it’s all the work on Single, No Chaser.

But I haven’t talked about my writing for awhile. So let’s do that.

My short story about how two women kill their man is still sitting on my thumb drive. I know the how, and the who, but I’m a stickler for details (obviously).So I want to make sure I get the method of killing correct. For the record, Tylenol gel caps–how well does the powder in them dissolve in liquid, you think?

Of course while I’m thinking about killing I also thinking about Boleros, the book not the love songs. I have a new beginning I want to try that I think may solve the problem I was having, which was getting the action to move without too much explaining. I wanted to show my character’s emotional state that lead to her life changing decision, which is the back bone of the book.

Now if only I can find my index cards where my plot is outlined. That would be a BIG help.

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