Being a writer is the best job in the world. They pay, however, sucks.

I have a have a day job that required lots of writing but not a lot of creative writing.

So getting around to the novel or the short stories takes some balancing on a VERY narrow rope.

I’ve been using tips from this guy. Even though he’s a screenwriter, same principal exists.

Here are some of the top tips:

  • Take daily action toward your goal – He’s right. Walter Mosley, mystery writer with a new book out, said to write everyday. Though I technically do that, I have to disagree with the author. I think we have to do something toward our project everyday. Whether its outlining a chapter, doing some research, or even writing out a rough scene on the back of a napkin, there should be some progress every day.
  • Set a writing goal to accomplish by the time you get home – Total fan of this. Goals, deadlines, etc are all part of writing. If you’ve followed me on Facebook long enough, you’ve probably read update about me knocking out a story. This is something reporters do naturally. When we start the day with writing an article we know we need to talk to a list of people by a certain time to be able to write and make a deadline. Same concept for fiction writers. I start off with, today after work I will work on chapter 3 and figure out that plot twist.
  • Wash the day away- Maybe not literally. The point is to separate your work-self from your writing-self. Taking a shower or working out is a way to do it. Working out is strongly recommended by other writers because the same endorphins you get working out are the same you get when you write. So if you’re already going, it’s easier to get into the writing. Personally, I’m a fan of getting into my PJs. But I’m an old spirit.

Good tips, huh? It’s helped me finish one book and a couple of stories. It’s all about focus and though I’ve been guilty of losing it lately, it’s all about getting it back when you need it.