I’m a Catholic and I’m kinda offended but I’m over it

Priests are not to knock boots with anyone.


This is how I know I’m Catholic. You know, other than the rosary beads, and the saints around my mother’s house.

And because when I heard about Father Albert Cutie’s (pronounced Coo, ti, eh) sin of the flesh, I was offended. Like mouth-dropping shocked.

Father Cutie was caught by a tabloid hugging on, lounging with, and courting a woman on Miami Beach last week. He says he’s fallen in love, by accident. It just happened.

What is this, the Thornbirds?

Priests take a vow of celibacy to be closer to God so they can be our spiritual guides. But they are human. And humans make mistakes.

But I can’t be mad at him. Shocked sure. But not mad. I wish he would have done things properly–he should have left the priesthood for someone he loved. He should have looked to God and asked Him for guidance toward this situation. Yes, priests should turn to God for guidance because, again, they are human.

If Father Alberto is in love, in true once in a lifetime love, I wish him the best. I’ll pray for him and for his lady love, that they find peace and direction during this turbulent time.

Love is a gift, not a right. There is no question that a gift like that comes from a higher power. Probably from the same power who would call someone to the priesthood. Or to become a nun for that matter.

Who knows if this is Father Alberto’s path or if this is a huge mistake. What I do know is that he is human and I am not his judge. What I am is his observer and a believer in the same faith he practices. And that faith teaches me about forgiveness and understanding.

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