Today I worked from home and thank goodness. The rest did me well and hopefully I’ll be able to be at work tomorrow.

In between working on an assignment and taking meds, I did a quick calculation. I’ve been sick since the beginning of the year. Literally, since January I have been since.

First, my back gave out. Well, it was a back/ leg crap combo that happen while visiting family in Houston.

Then in February, days before my birthday, I had heart palpitations that felt like a stroke.

End of March and beginning April was the kidney stone debacle of 2009.

And now in May, I’m still dealing with them.

Although this piece of realization was depressing. It’s still not as depressing as learning that a high school friend is going through chemo at the same time I’m working from home.

I’m selfish. I’ve been sick yes but he is going through his third round of chemo and dealing with the after effects of it which is nothing like what I’m experiencing.

It’s time to suck it up. I may have nausea, and pain in my side, but that’s not the worse thing in the world.