Things I’ve seen

I gotta give myself kudos. Yesterday was a physically painful day. Between the pain and the nausea, there was enough time at the end of the day to actually run an errand. Although I was walking about as slow as my grandma, I was able to get some much needed food shopping done.

On my way back from the store I saw a bunny in some one’s front lawn. I live in the city so this was quite out of place.

And as I was starting to drive away it got closer. Quite a ham, don’t cha think?

Just go to show, the most unexpected things happen while you’re worrying about other things.

What I wanna see

OMG, I wanna see this movie.

And did you recognize a certain song bird married to Nick Cannon?

This story line is based on a book called Push by Sapphire. I’ve never heard of this book but after seeing the trailer for the movie, this novel has earned a place on my summer reading list and quite possibly on my reading list for grad school. We’ll see.

And talking about my summer reading list, I’m still putting it together. My plan is to have a very enriching summer experience through novels. So I’m looking through lists from several sources and getting recommendations. I should have a list complied pretty soon, and I’ll post it when its ready.

Talking about summer…

This is my summer of change! I can feel it. Soon, I won’t have any pain and I’ll be able to enjoy several things I have planned, including my summer reading list, my book club, a trip to Dallas to see my Kansas friends, a trip to San Antonio, Phantom of the Opera and an NKOTB concert where I’ll be hanging out with my best friend from middle school. I haven’t seen her in YEARS!

Okay, so I’m a nerd. What else is new?