Tour Dates for "The Scared Sin" author, Estevan Vega

It’s better than a world tour… it’s a virtual blog tour.

Okay that was corny but try finding art for this post that you hadn’t used in the past 24 hours. It was difficult but I think I nailed it.

So, in case you didn’t know, this blog was choosen to be part of a virtual blog tour for author Estevan Vega, who wrote “The Scared Sin.” He’ll be here on June 18.

But he’ll also be making the rounds in other places. Here’s his tour schedule:

June 14
BronzeWord Latino Authors


June 15
Latinitas Magazine

June 16
The Art of Random

Carol in Carolina

June 17
Caridad Pineiro

June 19
Lara Rios

June 21

June 24
Latino Pundit

June 25
Queer Latino Musings on Literature

June 26
Mama Latina Tips

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