Two days from now, my latest short story is going to debut. I’m super excited. Kinda nervous. And wishing that I had more time but I know I’ll be ready on July 7.

I was planning on do a retrospective on this experience after that last installment on Friday but I won’t have access to the Internet then; I’ll be in Houston and there isn’t any access at my mom’s house. So I’ll do this short and sweet.

Well I do have to say that I’ve enjoyed this project so much! It’s amazing how many man hours it took to get this to everyone. It was more than just writing a simple story. From concept to final product, it was 100 percent a project. I’d been writing the story for awhile and finished it in June. After several rewrites (hopefully I caught everything), the non-writing part came into play.

What are the non-writing parts? The trailer, the poster (above), the photo shoot. Yes, photo shoot. It’s not as glamorous as it sounds. I sent out the call to my sorority sisters about what I wanted to do. The two ladies in the trailer and poster , Larissa and Brenda, both signed up for the gig. Then I needed some makeup people, well person. That was another sorority sister, Helen, who by the way is a Mary Kay representative. (I’ll give out her info soon). And another sister and dear, dear friend, Diana, loaned me her apartment for a few hours.

These ladies are amazing and I wanted to thank them publicly for all they did. Thanks, ladies! I heart y’all so much.

The biggest surprise is how many mediums I have worked in to get this project out: writing, editing, photography, “trailer-making”, photoshopping and even marketing and promotions. I’m pleased with the product and would totally do this again.

Thanks to everyone! I hope you enjoy the story on July 7th. Don’t be afraid to leave a comment.