For the first time in my writing career I can use the phrase “I’m in between projects.”

Seriously, I’m enjoying that I can say that. After finishing Resentment and everything associated with it, I sat and asked myself what I wanted to do next. I, like every other writer in the world, have a long list of projects I want finish. And then it hit me — I’m in between projects! I’m not being lazy and not finishing a project or taking a long time to complete it. I am seriously and without a doubt in between projects!

And you know what that means? Well, I’m not sure either but it’s probably something awesome.

But first, I’m gonna take a breather. I feel like what that cat in the picture looks like. Once I’ve caught up with my beauty nap, I’ll start up again. The next project finishing up my Boleros book. I may do another short story before I edit that book just for another break.

It feels good to accomplish something!