Technology, gotta love it?

I hate and love technology. This is how much.

Tonight, I was suppose write a post about authors and how they structure their writing time. It will be a great post and will help a lot of writers to be.
But I’m becoming obsessed with Twitter. Mostly because my friends with their fancy phones get to Twitter. And they do. And I want to do. But can’t. I have one of those flip phones that doesn’t get the social media marvel.
So I have to Twitter from the computer. That’s so 2000.
The irony is that I can write an entire blog entry from my cell phone. I can post photos to Twitter. But actually updating my darn status on Twitter — forget it!
If anyone knows how I can make this happen without spending $300 on a Blackberry, that would be much appreciated!

2 thoughts on “Technology, gotta love it?

  1. Brandon, totally figured it out after I posted. They now support SMS where before they hadn't. Awesome. But totally can't get my twitter messages but that's okay. I'd REALLY be on the twitter all the time if that was the case. Thanks!


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