James and Dule’. We’re like BFFs now. Well, not really.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a fan of a couple of TV shows. How I Met You Mother references make it to my Facebook status as often as my search for the perfect meal around lunchtime. Ugly Betty is my love since, you know, I’m a Spanish soap opera fan.

But Psych is the litmus stick. And when I started writing spec scripts, Psych was the FIRST show I wanted to write for. Still do. The 80s references. The sharp wit. Roday and Hill a winning combo like a Big Mac with cheese. What is there not to like?

But when I got a chance to interview them as part of a conference call with other members of the press corp, I almost couldn’t breathe. Literally. I mean the email was right there in my inbox and I STOPPED BREATHING.

Obviously, I’m a fan.

But I rallied my journalist ethics and treated this interview like any other interview. I watched Psych season 3 and all the commentaries (like I wasn’t going to do that anyway?) I watched the panel discussion from ComicCon. Spent the week writing down my questions as they sprang into my head.

And then the day came. I took an early lunch from work and drove to my apartment – a 15 minute drive max.

I could go into details about the accident on the same road of my apartment complex and how it took an additional 15 minutes to get there. Or how, in a Psych (ic) moment, I wrote down the 800 number in my notebook when I was still in the office in the off chance I’d have to use my cell phone for the call. Or how, like a Biblical event, I made it to my home office just in time to take notes and ask my one question.

But that’s not important now. What is important is that Roday and Hill know my name. Well, they know of my blog. And maybe, just maybe, if they do a Google search for their names, they’ll see these very words. Even though we’re not BFFs, it enough for me to have had the opportunity to ask a question that would enlighten me as a writer, delight me as a fan and allow me to use my journalism powers for good. (Insert the “With great responsibility…” speach from Spiderman here.)

So wanna learned what I found out?

Here we go.

  • These guys are as hilarious off-screen as they are on-screen. The vibe is right there and it makes complete sense how the ad libing happens on set.

  • James Roday’s most fun episode to work on was “Lights, Camera, Homicidio.” Which is among my top five favorites, along with “Disco Didn’t Die, It was Murdered” “The Old and the Restless,” “Scary Sherry/ Bianca’s Toast.” and “An Evening with Mr. Yang”. “Tuesday the 17th” may bump one of them off. Dule Hill liked American Duos. Why? Michael Jackson impersonation, complete with Jerry Curl wig from the early 80s. Think Thriller.

  • A musical episode is SO possible. Roday said it during ComicCon but repeated during the conference. I CAN’T wait. Who do you think should direct?

  • A Twin Peaks spoof is also eminent. Roday wants to direct if executive producer/creator Steve Franks doesn’t. Could be next season.

  • Poking fun at The Mentalist is just that — fun. “No one is off limits, including ourselves,” Roday said. “As long as they have a sense of humor, they should be flattered.”

  • In the upcoming season look for the duo to save an old west town, pay tribute to the Exorcist, and star in an episode that’s love letter to werewolf movies ( maybe think of the Murder?…Anyone?…Anyone?…Bueller? episode.) Also there “may or may not” be a continuation of the season three finale, this season may have the biggest guest star they’ve ever had, and we “may or may not” get to see what Gus’ hair looked like in the early 90s. Can we say high top fade?

  • If Hill had to pick Psych schwag it’d be a Psych video game. Hot.

  • To prep for Psych, Roday visited with psychics before shooting the pilot. But they didn’t know he was researching for a show about a FAKE psychic. Hum.
  • The writers are very well aware about keeping the show as fresh as possible.

  • What was my question? Is there anything that Shawn could do that would bring Gus to the edge, something that would not make him follow Shawn. Answer: “If there was something that could bring Gus to the edge it would have happened already,” Roday said. “At this point I think they’ve been together so long that they are like brothers. Part of Gus likes that he takes him there,” Hill said.

  • Difficult part about playing Shawn? Walking the rope between “a man child and someone you want to invest in” Playing Gus? “Nerdy coolness.”

  • Dream guest star? Hill: Chris Tucker. Roday: David Bowie. (Dude, if Bowie ever guest stars, I’m throwing a party.)

  • Roday will continue to write and direct. He wants to bank enough stuff to do things on his own. Dule? “You will see me write something called nothing.”

There you go! Hope you enjoyed these tidbits. Check out my review of the premiere tomorrow. I’ll talk to Bruce Campbell and Sharon Gless of Burn Notice tomorrow about the mid-season finale. I’ll post that sometime this week.

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