A Monk Giveway!!!

Thanks to all the Monk fans for visiting this blog! It’s been a real treat to get some like minded folks!!!

For your new found loyality, I’ve got some stuff to give away. Here’s the info:

Don’t miss the start of the 8th and final season of MONK on USA NETWORK, Friday at 9/8c. Emmy, Golden Globe and SAG award winner Tony Shalhoub returns as the obsessive-compulsive detective Adrian Monk with 16 brand-new laugh-inducing episodes. The final season promises to be a memorable one for all Monk fans. So tune in and watch one of the most successful series in basic cable history give its final farewell. Become a fan on Facebook, Follow Monk on Twitter, and play Monk games on USA’s Character Arcade. Three Winners will receive:Monk Season 7 DVDMonk Novel!

Here are what the prizes look like:

Here’s how to win…

I am going to post a question below about a senerio in the premiere. In the comments section write how you think Monk will react. Watch the episode on Friday. If you were one of the first three to guess right, you’re one of the winners!

We’ll have a drawing to see who gets what. Make sure I know how to get in contact with you.

Ready? Here we go:

As Monk is reading the tell-all book from his favorite childhood actress, he is disgusted with what he reads. What will Monk eventually do with the book?

Get your answers in before the premiere: 8 p.m. Central, 9 pm Eastern on Friday.
Good luck. Winners will be announced Monday.

26 thoughts on “A Monk Giveway!!!

  1. Determined that the stories aren't true, he will investigate who caused the the actress to lie in the book, thinking someone used eitherA) BriberyB) ThreatsorC) ImpersonationBasically, he won't rest until he proves his hero is innocent/pure.


  2. My guess would be a sanitary procedure of the sorts. I can imagine him being disgusted with it in the *physical* sense. He may walk around with the book between his index finger and thumb, looking for a zip lock baggie to store it in or a wipe to clean it as if it were covered with bacteria.


  3. I think he'll first make notes and edit the book himself. And then contact the publisher of the book, asking them to send him a new copy using his notations/editing.


  4. I think that Monk is disgusted because the book is not a nice round number of pages long. He tears out the last few pages to make the number of pages more to his liking. 🙂


  5. Trash it using his elaborate disposal method seen in the episode with the murdered pizza delivery guy and, knowing he's no stranger to writing letters (like in the episode with Inspector #8), a letter to the actress would be his next step. And, since it's Monk, he'd be scarred for life and bug Natalie incessantly about it.


  6. Use tongs to put it in a baggie, put the baggie in the trash, take the trash out, and sanitize everything it touched with wipes or cleaners. Plus wish he could erase the memories of what he read.


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