Giveaway Winners!

Sorry it took so long. Sometimes the day job just gets in the way of my side hustle and this was one of those times.

So let’s get started. Got a lot of stuff to give away. But first, how to claim the prize.

Since there wasn’t a lot of people who left emails, the winners will have to contact me. If you’re a winner, email me at icess(dot)fernandez(at)gmail(dot)com. When you email me, send me your real name and mailing address.
If I don’t hear from you by Aug. 19th, I’m giving your prize away. I’ll put all participants (the ones that didn’t win) and in a hat and draw the next winner.

Okay, here we go.

America Libre books. There were four to give away, one of which was signed. The winners are:

El Guapo, Mrs. V, Teresa Carbajal Ravet.
The winner of the signed copy is Laura.

The Psych contest was so much fun. To win, commenters had to guess the outcome in a scene from the premiere. Up for grabs — Season 3 DVD, Psych Comic, and a Psych book.

Reading through the comments there were A LOT of funny answers. I hope that Steve Franks reads them cause I think there maybe some fodder there for some future episodes!

Winners are:

Psych book — Natalie
Psych comic — Bubbles
Psych DVD — Charlotte C

The contest for Monk was a bit difficult. Only one person got the answer right which means that I drew names for the other two prizes.

Up for grabs – Monk season 7 DVD, and books.

Monk book 1 — Emily

Monk book 2 — DVRLife
Monk DVD — Pete D.

Thanks for playing. I’ll have another giveaway in about a week that’s connected to author Belinda Acosta!

Thanks again!

2 thoughts on “Giveaway Winners!

  1. Icess,I found out that I won a copy of America Libre on another stop on the tour, so you can select one more person. I am sure that someone will be very excited. I am thrilled that I will be getting a copy and can't wait to read it!


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