So my apologies to my BFF USA Network. I meant to post this earlier but, you know, day job.

But I’m posting it now and that’s important. *smile*

Ladies and gents, tomorrow is the premiere of White Collar, a new USA series.

I got a chance to watch the first episode a couple of weeks back and let me tell ya, it’s hot. No lie.

Now I could review the first episode but I’m going to let you guys make up your own mind but I will chime in on somethings.

1) I heart the references to the rat pack in the pilot. Just do.

2) The mystery is inventive. A MUST if you’re on the same network as Psych (and if you’re taking their slot while they’re on break.)

3) Now, is it going to fill the gap that Psych has left until next year. No. Can’t lie. It’s a different kind of show. The humor is different. The timing is different. Matt Bomer’s character, Nick Caffrey, is no Shawn Spencer (even though at times he can be Shawn-ish). But you shouldn’t compare it anyway. So Psych fans, don’t jump all over this show yet.

4) With that said, it doesn’t mean that it’s not worthy of being on the network or being part of the Friday night line up. It’s a different part of the palette, a bit more sophisticated but still the same.

5) Ladies, eye candy. Observe:

Okay, since this is a writing blog. I wanted to link to the interview with Jeff Eastin, creator and producer. He started as a writer. Let me tell ya, if you wanna be a writer and work in TV click on this link and learn something.

FYI, check out the Matt Nixon (Burn Notice creator) reference.

Are you a fan yet? Show it by following the show on various social media outlets:

Or just learn the lingo:

So, what are you watchin’ tomorrow?