So the coolest part of my gig is hosting book tours and getting to promote writers. This time I got to do a podcast with Anjanette Delgado, author of The Heartbreak Pill

Almost instantly we became fast friends and talked about books, writing, and, obviously, her book. As an aspiring writer and student of the craft, I learn so much from hosting these authors and I hope you, as a reader, do to.

Before I unleash the first podcast, let’s give you the summary, shall we?


Erika Luna is a thirty-something scientist living and working
in Miami. When her husband of seven years; the very successful, very smart, very
good-looking, founding partner of one of Miami’s most successful Public
Relations firms falls in lust with another woman, their marriage spirals to hell
and Erika’s practical nature leads her down the strangest of paths.

What’s a scientist to do when slapped with pain so deep it interferes
with breathing? Try to cure it, of course! This is the premise of Emmy
award-winning writer and producer Anjanette Delgado’s delightfully funny and
touchingly poignant debut novel, THE HEARTBREAK PILL (Atria Books; $14.00; April

Okay, since we haven’t found a nice audio file hosting site that will give us an embedded code, you’ll have to download the podcast. You can listen to it here

So wanna get a FREE copy of her book. I thought you would. All commenters to this post will be put in a drawing for FREE copy of The Heartbreak Pill. A heard through the grapevine that it may even be autographed.

If you just want to purchase the book, that’s good too. Click here to do it: