For eight seasons, I’ve enjoyed one show beyond words.

When I first saw Monk, it opened up a new world for me. Here was this OCD detective, tormented by the death of his wife, trying to function in the world.


I found him interesting and couldn’t stop watching the train wreak. Monk, has contributed to my life as a writer. But more on THAT later.

Today we say good-bye to one of the most amazing shows on television but it’s not a time to be sad. Sure, the ending of a storyline and of characters that have been like friends is something to be upset about but what if Monk never existed?

*Gasp* I know but think about it. Monk was the show that launched other USA Network favorites like Psych. It made the network and kept us coming for more.

And would we know Tony Shalhoub? Probably not as well as we know him now. A marvelous actor doing what he does best, we would have been robbed of the opportunity of knowing him professionally.

And what about the writing?That’s what makes me happy. It’s smart, funny and a warm blanket. Familiar but a breath of fresh air everytime. To say that the show’s writers have influenced me as a writer, is an understatement. I didn’t know how much until I made the jump into mystery writing and started writing my first novel. The character, ironically, is Monk-ish. Not obsessive compulsive but a former detective tormented by a case she can’t solve–a case that has handicapped her in someway.

Sound familiar.

As a tribute to one of my favorite shows of ALL TIME (and that’s a short list, friends) I’ll post some interesting stuff. Through my BFFs at USA Network, I have access to some clips and photos. I’ll post them here throughout the day. I’ll even find some other stuff from other sources to wish my favorite defective detective a fond farewell.

Here’s to you Detective Adrian Monk. It was all gift with none of the curse.