You say you wanna resolution?

Resolutions are funny things, ya know? Meant as self promises, they are a set up for failure. If you’re a good person, you’d sooner break a promise to yourself than to people you love. And if you’re a bad person promises are like pennies– annoying and valueless.

So why do them? Why reflect on the year and list the promises you want to make for yourself? Simple answer. After a couple of years of lying to yourself, resolutions become more honest. Losing weight resolutions becomes getting healthy then it goes deeper — learning how to be a healthier person.

Like in other aspects of life, resolutions are a process. Not saying I’m good at it, just saying I’m better at it this year than last year.

So here are my resolutions, in no particular order.

Learn how to be a healthier person physically and emotionally.

Be blissful in whatever I decide to do

Know the difference between true friends and acquaintances and act accordingly

Be helpful to those that needed it

Have more fun because I work hard to deserve it

Write like no one is reading, write for me, and write for the pleasure. Everything else will fall in line.

Tweet more. 😉

Blog more 😉

Make art that moves me

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