If you look at the back of paperback books or the back jacket of hard cover books, you’ll see a paragraph about the author–who they are, where they graduated from, and how their lives are just like yours.

My recent thought: What would mine say? How can you capture my insanity in one paragraph?

Yes, quite a difficult task indeed. So here’s my feeble attempt at my dust jacket cover. Hope the real one is much better than this.

Icess Fernandez Rojas lives in, well, she hasn’t decided yet but hopes its
near some good friends and some tropical weather. Oh and some place were she can
have good drinks, hear good music, and have fantastic attacks on her taste buds.
She has a degree from the University of Houston where she became a sorority girl
her last semester of college so that she could have the experience. She
also has an MFA from Goddard College, well, she HOPES to get one from Goddard.
She’s still waiting to hear.

Icess enjoys cafe con leche (coffee with milk, which she is probably having
right now), strong female characters, and shoe shopping. She’s absolutely
addicted to Donnie Wahlberg from New Kids on the Block but will claim she only
admires him. In reality, she wants easy access to him at all times to hug him
because, as she says, his hugs are like crack. To clarify, she’s not a crackhead
but compares her addiction to Donnie Wahlberg to a drug. Therefore, he
makes her happy, smile. giggle, sigh deeply, and gets her high on life. Yes,
friends she’s a writer even when describing herself.

Icess is also an over-tweeter and adores sharing all her thoughts to
perfect strangers she calls her “tweeple” but its all good because she hasn’t
been stalked yet. That is probably due to the fact that she’s a scary homegirl
from Houston and knows ways to defend herself that they don’t teach in a regular
self-defense classes. Probably because what she knows is illegal in 38
states plus Puerto Rico. However, she said she loves her tweeple, especially her
BH sisters, whatever that means.

At 30, our dear writer began a journey to discover who she really was. So
far she’s learned more in the past year about herself than she has in the past
30 years–some good, some bad but all her. She’s appreciative of the journey, it
has changed her for the better. We’ll see.

Icess, born in Boston USA, has less than five regrets in her life. Among
the one that’s haunting her now is not going into music when she was younger.
Singing longer than she’s been writing, her first song was New York, New
York. She’s sung all through high school and college, winning competitions and
medals along the way and even considered majoring in music in college. Icess
will try to be less regretful by competing in a certain singing competition.
Something called a Jordan Idol but it has to come to Texas.

Talking about Texas, Icess is a Texan even though she’s artsy and would
probably like New York, she’d rather be in the Lone Star State. However, she
likes to visit other places and only really needs an invite to go see other
places. Dream vacation: Europe. Mostly Spain to research her last name.

And talking about her last name: She’s part Cuban and Guatemalan. She ‘s
been to both countries. Adores them both. Yes, she speaks Spanish. Yes, she’s
Latina. Yes, she can dance, cook, clean like an old school Latina. Which
reminds her…why is she still single?

Overall Icess Fernandez Rojas is a dope chick with lots to offer as a
writer. She maybe a bit insane but it’s not like she didn’t warn you before. I
mean, look at the title of her blog.