Didn’t know
By Icess Fernandez Rojas

If I knew that a smile from you would send me into a frenzy

I would stare at my enemy

And laugh

I would inspire beyond measure

The type of love that’s sought like a treasure

And open it with caution

Looking at you is like feeling brand new

And if I knew

I could feel this way

I would have stared at you all day.

Since the beginning, when the sun and moon first kissed

It would have been me and you, like this.

In a blissful rain…

In a swirl of a hurricane…

In a postcard perfect picture of truth.

Complete in our nakedness

Of unselfish preservation

Or reservations

Of how you move me to the better part of being.




And breathing you is life.

If I knew I needed you this way–

Just this way—

The suffocation would have ended

With a knife

To cut away time,


Insecure persistence…

If I had known this was what it was like

To be loved




By you.

But I didn’t know.