I love you. Naked.

By Icess Fernandez Rojas

I can’t say it any plainer

You can’t hear it in my voice?

I wanna see you naked…

And you have no other choice.

This isn’t an agreement or a compromise.

Democracy doesn’t live here…

All that extra on your person,

Needs to disappear.

Let’s start with that pretension

In that awful shade of black.

It hides you from me…

So trust me, that’s not where it’s at.

That cocky attitude,

Like a moat around a castle

Drives me insane!

And ain’t nothing but a hassle

And while we’re at it

And since it’s just you and me

Here are some other things,

I wanna see around your knees

All barriers, man made or natural;

All coverings of imperfections;

All colors that hide the soul;

And all things that are distractions.

I want them gone. Destroyed.

Never to return.

And if I see them again,

Rest assured, they’ll be burned.

I want you naked of everything that impedes

The vast, doubting world of seeing…


That I see.

They need to see your heart,

Your humbleness and charity.

Your purity. Your soul.

Your childlike tendency.

The laugh. The eyes.

The smile.

All are worth …

walking for miles.

They need to know

How much you loving me

Makes us we.

And how perfect that is in it’s irony.

Let them see what I do every day.

Let the world see your beauty.

Let them be jealous, as I am,

Of how flawless you are truly.

You are perfect. And I’m in awe

Privileged, lucky, grateful.

Ecstatic. In love. And loved.

Euphoric. Intoxicated. Made whole.

I love you.